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Help to Engage the Bible Daily

What is goTandem?


Everyday life is busy and as a result, our spiritual lives are often neglected. But that doesn’t have to be the case. With goTandem, you receive customized biblical content based on your unique spiritual needs. Every single piece of content is designed specifically to move you closer to Jesus on a daily basis. And best of all it’s delivered right to your phone. The path to Bible engagement has never been easier.

That’s because Bible Engagement occurs when we receive what the Bible says, reflect on its meaning and respond accordingly with our actions. After more than 7 years of research, we’ve learned that more than anything, being engaged in God’s Word four or more times a week has the biggest impact on our lives – through overcoming temptation, building healthier relationships, and having hope in uncertainty. More is better. Less is significantly worse.

That might seem like a lot, but goTandem makes it manageable. Providing a personalized experience with the Bible, goTandem delivers meaningful content directly to you, right when you want it. Each message is designed to help strengthen and encourage you by taking an honest look at what the Bible says and how applying it moves you closer to Christ.

How it Works.

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God’s Word Is the Best Medicine

Meet John of Illinois

“Scripture penetrates the heart, helps us get to the root of our troubles, and leads us into transformation.”

When it comes to lasting behavior change, an Illinois therapist says that God’s Word is “amazing medicine.” It goes deep into our “bloodstream,” healing us on three critical levels: our minds, our bodies, and our spirits.

“Life gets in the way of spiritual growth,” John says. “So many distractions come between God and us: being busy, daily responsibilities, work, and especially the countless struggles we encounter–addictions, fear, worry, sinful habits. But I’ve found that the lasting answer for genuine change is the Bible.”

So for the past year, this licensed clinical professional counselor (LCPC) has incorporated goTandem into his treatment plans. And success rates, he reports, have been “astounding”–even among those whose emotional scars feel beyond repair. “Lasting behavior change often entails more than pharmaceutical medications and mental health therapies,” John explains. “I’ve observed that when God’s Word penetrates the hardened hearts of my clientele … their lives begin to change dramatically.”

The Bible makes it clear what medical professionals like John are now echoing: Our mind, body, and spirit are interconnected. Obviously, every human being inhabits physical bodies. And the health of our bodies is connected to our emotional selves, as well as our “soulful” selves.” So as a therapist, I know I need to treat a client’s entire body,” John says. “All that anxiety and negative self-talk that goes on inside a person’s head can affect how he or she feels. This, in turn, can affect their physical wellbeing, not to mention their spiritual life. Yet God’s Word cuts through the layers and helps each one of us get to the root of our troubles.”

Ultimately, this paves the way for the Holy Spirit to go deep into our lives, accomplishing what we all so desperately need: spiritual transformation. But the key, John says, is consistent Bible engagement. “We must engage scripture four or more times a week–receiving it, reflecting on it, and responding to God’s Word. It’s at this point when real change begins to happen.”

John knows this firsthand, because he’s experiencing it in his own life.

Not long after downloading goTandem on his cell phone–and customizing the app so it would address two key struggles in his life, pride and trust–John began to receive multiple scriptures each day; multiple “spiritual interruptions” that helped him get to the root of his struggles.

“I let the words get deep into my heart, pondering them and reflecting on them,” he says. “And the more I engaged with scriptures–responding to what God what telling me–the more my life was being molded into what He wants it to be.”

And that’s when the healing began.

As God’s Word got past his mind and touched his heart, it began to revive his soul–which, in his own words, makes the Bible “the best medicine of all!”

What’s your story?

We’d love to hear how God is working in your life through Back to the Bible or goTandem. Share your story and encourage others in their own journey.

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